Glow in the Dark Collaborations

frequently Asked Questions


At Glow in the Dark we believe that the best stories are made when we work together! That's why we started creating our Collaborator Teams.

Our project teams are carefully curated around a shared idea that we're all passionate about! We learned early on that having an idea by itself is just like having one piece of a puzzle; it might look cool and you can treasure it as is, but once it's all together... it makes for an awesome picture, and a good time.


How we do select our collaborators?

Ideas are like games. Playing them with other players is always more fun, as they make better memories and a better heart. Every game is special not just because of the game itself, but because you play with your favorite people- and that is how we work at Glow in the Dark! We choose collaborators not only because they have a very cool potential idea that we immediately get excited to work on... but also because they are who they are as people! Something intrinsic about them lends itself to the project, to ideas that could never have happened except with that singular individual.


What kind of ideas are we looking for?

    We aren't looking for anything specific at the moment; we have our own projects in development and ideas are in the air! But we're always on the lookout hoping to find a new partner with an awesome imagination! We're looking less for a specific type or genre, and more for just a great spark coming from someone who firmly believes in their idea and wants to see it happen.

   We look for people who understand teamwork, and that ideas themselves are wet clay- always moldable, with potential for something new! To that end, the one thing we're not looking for is completely finalized, set-in-stone projects; we're not distributors, and we want projects we can work on as a team! Keep in mind that while we don't want to change every idea we work on, we do want to have the freedom to mold it for the better and get it into tip-top shape! We respect the vision of our Collaborators, and together we push the project to the next level.


My idea? your idea?

How about our idea? Every collaboration is a bit different, but they have one thing in common; they're all covered by our contracts! As a team, we decide and agree on the nature of each project, and appropriate percentages for sale (if sold). We recognize and value what each individual brings to our team, and we believe in transparency with our creators; no secrets or hidden contracts here! Everything is laid out in simple terms, and we only begin work once everyone's happy with them-- then, we bring the project under the umbrella of Glow in the Dark as a studio, with creators' names firmly attached as well as profiled on our team page. On our end, we diligently work on every project (extent and manner dependent on the project), and use our network and resources as a studio to try and get that project out there!



  • Stay tuned! We open idea submissions every year, twice! So we will be announcing it so on our Instagram, Twitter and News Blog.

  • Please do not submit unrequested material meanwhile!

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.
— African Proverb