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The wonders of Preschool

These IPs live in a fantasy world, meant to inspire, educate, empower and entertain young ones. Create great children's books, educational material, TV shows, apps, board games, toy collectibles and more!

  • Pirateers! (Currently Available!)
  • Detectives! (Currently Available!)
  • Profession: Prince (Currently Available!)
  • Tales of India (In Development)


Children, families and Avid Adventurers 

Magical, spooky and whimsical adventure IPs for all audiences and ages. Explore strong lead characters and awesome values like friendship through a unique action-comedy stories. Great for TV shows, features,  animation, live-action, comic books, graphic novels, apps, games and books.

  • Scream'Inn (Currently Available!, Finalist at MIA)
  • Split Earth (Currently Available!)
  • Bewitched (In Development)
  • No wonder (In Development)
  • 3 Sisters and a Dog (In Development)


Strong Female Leads

"Girly" and "not-so-girly" IPs full of fantastical stories with strong female characters. Ideal for products, TV, features, games, apps, fashion, comics and children's books.

  • Robin Hood (Currently Available!)
  • Scream Inn (Currently Available!)
  • Legendaries (In Development)
  • Pulgarcita (In Development)
  • Who is Drakula? (In Development)



Slice of life, comedy, drama, mystery, fantasy, horror, Sci Fi... entertainment IPs with more mature content for the grown-ups among us. These make great live-action, sitcoms, comic books, graphic novels, and board games.

  • "Stuff that happens when you have an Artist life" (SOLD)
  • "Chronicles of Griffin and Pterodactyl" (In Development)
  • "Stuff keeps happening" (In Development)

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