Hi there! Are you interested in interning at Glow in the Dark? We're launching our SPRING internship for the first time- and we're looking for our springiest intern yet to join the team!

We're a small studio in a big studio world, but our interns huddle up in the trenches side by side with us to learn about original story and concept development, elements of pre-production, and the inner workings of the entertainment industry.

We don't guarantee what any one day will hold; as a small studio, we do a little bit of everything, in-house! It's not always glamorous, but you won't be running errands or getting coffee (unless it's for you, of course). Day to day life at Glow in the Dark is always in flux. One day, we're in development meetings, the next we're researching client projects, the next we're doing inventory in the office and then off to meet with potential studios, so on and so forth... it's busy, but there's always something new to do or learn!


Our program is unpaid, but we do our best to make sure that our Interns grow and learn in a useful, industry-specific way- and so far, we've gotten great response from former interns. With that said, if you're interested in making the third desk in our cozy studio yours for a few months, read on & send your application in below!


SPRING 2018: Closed! 

Summer/Fall 2018 : Coming Up!



  • SPRING 2018 internship start date: late January/early February. We will begin contacting applicants in early January.

  • Strong preference given to currently enrolled students receiving internship course credit at an accredited university. (Interested non-students are encouraged to apply with the understanding that this is an unpaid position.)

  • While we work heavily with storytelling and visual development, our internship is production-oriented; however, we encourage the artistic and creative growth of our interns, and offer guided mentorship throughout the program.


TO APPLY, send your cover letter / resume / portfolio (if applicable) to hello@glowinthedark.studio! Please list the email subject as SPRING INTERNSHIP.

You cannot create experience. You must undergo it.
— Albert Camus

Glowing Intern Experiences:


Fall 2017, Denise Caro:

“Being an intern for Glow in the Dark concept studio was in a more simpler term; amazing. I never expected to learn as much as I did or to have as much fun as I did! I will truly miss this internship and I’m proud to say I was part of the Glow in the Dark team!” 



Fall 2016, Kaitlynn Nichol:

"My internship at Glow in the Dark was easygoing because I enjoyed my tasks and the people I worked with. I handled different tasks from website editing, designing characters, visual development, and even helping with shows and events. The highlights included artist feedback from Katia as well as tips and tricks to have more fledged out ideas. The hours and workload are manageable and I feel as though many people would benefit from this form of scheduling seeing how it emulates an actual studio position. "