FAQ about our IP Library


Glow in the Dark's Intellectual Property Library is a well-curated collection of brilliant stories developed in-house and out, compiled in pitch bibles ready to use in any kind of entertainment industry.

IP Bibles contain awesome stories and charming characters that are a breath of fresh air. They're a full entertainment portfolio with designs, storylines, options and creative research adaptable to any kind of final medium. You ask, we creatively provide!

How can our IP's be useful for your company?

Looking for some fresh, new ideas? Need to fill an audience gap and you can't find the right property with that heart-warming content that your audience is craving? Trying to innovate (or renovate!) concepts without taking too much monetary risk? Are you ready to produce something awesome...but you don't have that surefire content at the moment? 

If those are questions that constantly pop into your head... we can help!


         Where do all these Ideas came from?


All our Glow in the Dark Creative Collaborators are avid readers, vivid storytellers and art wizards. They come from different entertainment backgrounds and different parts of the world, seeking some help to make their stories shine. Our job at Glow in the Dark is to identify early on these gem projects and give them a home until not only they are polished and ready for production, but they are also innovative, visually outstanding and appropriate for the market. We believe good ideas can come from everywhere, but we make sure that those that come to us are unique as well.


Get all the benefits of Pre-produced Content:

  • All of our Intellectual Properties are available for purchase and ready to go for production. IP Bibles will include not only approved production-oriented artwork (and scripts, if requested), but also you will get all the content created for that specific property: image and literary research, drafts, every step of sketches and a creator's index on the top of the Pitch Bible. We want you to push our stories, to be able to see the whole of our process and research so you can easily modify them for your needs.
  • We have all the rights of our intellectual properties registered and available to be released, guaranteeing an original product and a smooth transaction.
  • We grow all of our stories with strong characters, memorable moments and a highly merchandisable mindset so you not only will have a Content Pitch Bible, but also a projection of the project's exploitable potential.

Find What you are looking for!

  • We develop and adjust our pitch projects to age range, demographic, topic and Client's needs.
  • No more back and forth explaining ideas or struggling to get on the same page! Just move forward with our already-created concepts and build from there.
  • Ease up your production schedule.
  • Get the benefits of research already done and applied to properties without having to take more of your time (or budget).
  • And if, after all, we don't already have exactly what you need... we always can create that content for you!

Questions? Inquires? Please get in touch!

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Happy Ending with:

Cosas que pasan cuando llevas vida de artista.

Cosas que pasan cuando llevas vida de artista.

            Finalist With Scream'Inn

            Finalist With Scream'Inn

         I Love Tokyo

         I Love Tokyo

         I Love Tokyo

         I Love Tokyo

“Someday you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”
— C.S. Lewis