To apply to any position, please send us an email with your resume, cover letter, and a link to your portfolio.

Please see the instructions below before sending any sensitive copyright material.



Part-time freelance position. Meeting in-house once a month.

Looking for a person with budgeting experience. 

Tasks include: tax filing, studio budget administration and budget forecast.

We need someone who is responsible, knows how to work with small businesses in the entertainment industry, and is very detail-oriented.


Writers and


We are creating a database with available artists and writers for freelance.

Submit portfolio and references for consideration. (Please avoid submitting fan art; we want to see your original work.)

All contracts will be project-based, and based upon client request. Some will be in-house and will require meetings at the studio (we are based in Burbank). Others will be completely online, dependent on the individual project and needs of the client.

Please visit the Projects section of our site to learn more about our projects on development for topic orientation.


Call For Graphic Designers

Call for graphic design freelancers on location (Burbank) for the next few weeks. The job consists of the creation of a few logos for animation pitches in development as well possibly creating a solid presentation package with the given material.
If interested/or have any questions please send here:
- Resume
- Portfolio sample
- Rate
Looking for an easy going person with a strong skill on design for storytelling.


We know that our best stories come always from somewhere else... and from a very passionate team work! So if you are interested on a partnership we would love to learn!  Glow in the Dark enjoys teaming up with awesome creators for a greater in-common future. We carefully chose unique stories that we believe have an undiscovered potential, offering the project the resources it needs to blossom. If that is something you might be interested don't hesitate to contact us filling the form underneath. But PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE submitting any unsolicited material, we want to be able to protect your ideas and ours!


Please read carefully before sending unsolicited sensitive material:

goli 02.png

Glow in the Dark Concept Studio cannot accept or consider any form of unsolicited material, suggestions or ideas. If you submit unsolicited material of any kind despite this disclaimer, you acknowledge that your submission may contain ideas that are the same or similiar to ideas/concepts that Glow in the Dark Concept Studio or others are developing, has developed, or will develop in the future without the use of your submitted material.

We do not read or view any unsolicited materialDigital submissions will be deleted, and physical submissions will be either destroyed or returned (if possible).

If you want to solicit our services with an idea, concept, or any form of material, please contact us first so that we can ensure the legal safety of all parties- this is vital in an industry where intangible concepts are just as important as physical work. Please do not send content without being asked to by Glow in the Dark.

If you would like to send a concept or an idea to discuss, please send a message to us through this submission form or send us a direct email at and we will happily help you with it.

Please, feel free to contact us any time for questions, appointments or budget inquiries (or just to say "Hello!" ;) ).

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