For everyone who wants to Glow in the Dark.


Glow in the Dark Concept Studio is a California-based concept studio that specializes in creating & commercializing Creative Content and Intellectual Properties.

Additionally, we offer Creative Content Services to our clients for a variety of creative aspects:

Art Direction, Screenwriting,  Narrative Storytelling, Storyboards, Illustrations, Creative Consultation, Concept Art and Design, Visual Development, Character Design, Environment/Prop Design, World Creation and Development...

Animation and Live Action TV, Feature, Games, Children’s Books, Comic Books, Board Games, Consumer Products,Toys...

Including Creative Educational Services such as:

Mentoring and Instruction, Seminars and Workshops.



How can we help you?

 If you have a project or idea you want to push to the next level!

If you want to learn to expand your creativity!

  If you are seeking original content!

 If you wish to learn a bit more about what we do!