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 Our team is YOUR team

We can create budgets based on accomplished projects or hourly. You will be able to choose among our team Artists and Writers according to their availability and your project's needs. All of our team members are professionals currently working on various projects on the Industry, and want to help your new ideas shine.

Feel free to email with budget inquiries and we will submit a proposal for you.

Creative Help

Are you a writer with a great project and need some concept illustrations to make it Glow? Or are you an awesome artist stuck in the Dark that needs some words to light it up? Let us help! Whether it's professional counseling or creative adaptation, we are here for you. Bring us your projects and we will accommodate your individual needs.

Art Direction and Research

Bring some freshness to your creative ideas by taking advantage of our Art Direction and Creative Research Services.

Story Advising

Have a concept, a character, or an idea that needs to have a bit of a story? Let us help with our Story Advising. Well give you some thoughts and options to help get your idea out of the Dark!

Professional Portfolio Review

Do you currently have a portfolio but you can't seem to get any work? We will give you a honest look, feedback, notes and tips about how to create a successful professional portfolio. 

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Don't worry! Drop us a line via the submission form below and we see how we can help!

Please note:  Glow in the Dark Concept Studio cannot accept or consider any form of unsolicited material, suggestions or ideas. If you submit unsolicited material of any kind despite this disclaimer, you acknowledge that your submission may contain ideas that are the same or similiar to ideas/concepts that Glow in the Dark Concept Studio or others are developing, has developed, or will develop in the future without the use of your submitted material.

We do not read or view any unsolicited materialDigital submissions will be deleted, and physical submissions will be either destroyed or returned (if possible).

If you want to solicit our services with an idea, concept, or any form of material, please contact us first so that we can ensure the legal safety of all parties- this is vital in an industry where intangible concepts are just as important as physical work. Please do not send content without being asked to by Glow in the Dark.


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“Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.”
— John F. Kennedy