At Glow in the Dark we believe  teamwork  is essential to success-- so here, have a nice "family photo" of our crew!

At Glow in the Dark we believe teamwork is essential to success-- so here, have a nice "family photo" of our crew!

Katia Grifols

STudio Mastermind / Art Director


Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, Katia always hated raw tomatoes and cucumbers, and devoted her childhood to Agatha Christie, Akira Toriyama, Enid Blyton, and Tintin (among others). She began her career as a comic book artist in Barcelona, jumping around the world to follow her passion for storytelling. After a brief stay in Japan, she landed in California where she finished her formal education in Illustration for Entertainment Arts at the Art Center College of Design. But it was her experience with major studios in LA that opened her eyes to the realities of the entertainment business and, mixed with her undeniable desire to create original content, inspired Katia to level up and create Glow in the Dark. Katia is now the Mastermind of the studio, where she takes a major role in the creation of the properties we develop in-house. She enjoys art direction, colors and research, brainstorming, strong coffee and random Japanese kawaiis... but really, what she loves the most is encountering amazing storytellers and newfound creators! And to this day...  she still hates raw tomatoes and cucumbers.

Maureen Macomber

Studio Manager / cREATIVE dEVELOPMENT 


A soCal native and L.A. transplant, Maureen started out teaching preschool and running a daycare for several years, completing a degree in education before pursuing another love: photography! Finally, B.F.A. in photography & cinematic arts in hand, she found herself in film production. After living production life for a time, she shifted to an industry that  would better embrace her lifelong love of storytelling; animation! At Glow in the Dark, Maureen spends her time on creative development, writing, and battling an unending barrage of Outlook notifications. Outside of the studio, she spends her time reading, watching good television, travelling whenever (and wherever) she can, working on stories, and laughing with friends. While she agrees that raw tomato is questionable, she will forever defend cucumbers.

Creative Collaborators!

Without them, we wouldn't have so many great stories!


Annushka Almendros (pirateers, Show Creator)

Annushka (yes, her name sounds like a sneeze!) is a Hispanic-Russian-American who grew up just on the edge of the Everglades. There, she defeated alligators every Saturday morning in time to watch her favorite cartoons. Of course, this eventually led to her pursuing an animated lifestyle in which she aims to develop and produce stories. All her life, Annushka has believed every story is happening somewhere in the universe. Oh, she also really likes pirates… and tridents!



Hello there!

I’m a designer, illustrator, coffee-addict, and cat-lady in training. I design toys for a living – my previous employers include Mattel and Disney. I graduated from Otis College of Art and Design with a Bachelor’s degree in Toy Design (yes, that’s a thing!), and in my spare time I like to draw, paint, craft, eat, and annoy my cat.

What else can I tell you? I like scary movies – but I hate zombies. Cheese is delicious. I love glitter. If you take me to a toy store I can point out multiple things I’ve worked on, and I’ll also probably buy something, claiming it’s for research. Before I became a product designer I wanted to be a painter – I have an associate’s degree in studio art and ruined a lot of clothes that way. I always love being creative and taking on new projects! 


sAMANTHA C. gEORGE (LEGENDARIES, Collaborator/Consultation)

Samantha C. George (Sam) is a freelance consumer product designer and illustrator from Los Angeles.

Most recently a Senior Designer at Jakks Pacific, prior her decision to go freelance, Sam held design positions at Disney Consumer Products, Mattel, Blip Toys and Playmates Toys. In these roles, she designed products for brands including Disney Princess, Disney Frozen, Barbie, and Hello Kitty, across a range of hard and soft lines.

Sam thrives on the problem-solving process of developing consumer products, and enjoys that the puzzle is both aesthetic and strategic. She is adept at translating strategic design direction into smart product solutions that balance the needs of consumers, buyers and manufacturing concerns.

Sam holds a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art, with a concentration in Toy Design from Otis College of Art and Design, where she graduated with honors in 2010.

As an artist, her favorite traditional medium is watercolor, but she also enjoys exploring a variety crafts such as jewelry making, henna art and calligraphy, believing that trying new mediums always inspires new ideas and ways of thinking. Her work has been shown in art galleries including Pop Secret Gallery, and CTN Center Stage Gallery in Los Angeles. Sam's personal work often features nature, animals, fanciful architecture, and a touch of humor.


Alberto Corral (split earth, Show Creator)

Alberto, a native of the Canary Islands, lived in many cities around the world before hanging his hat in Los Angeles, where, currently, he's directing a short for DreamWorks Animation. Passionate for telling stories, he feeds his creativity scouting all the comic-cons possible and using that as an excuse to buy all kind of comics, toys and merchandising. By the way, he's also a published author, award-winning screenwriter & director...  but let's not talk about that right now.


Pooja Jay Patel (Tales of India, show creator)

Teller of Tales. Part Princess. Part Pirate. She is on a mission. While she personally loves the heroes of old, she believes the time has come for badass, bold, and daring heroines who take a more active role in creating their happily ever afters. She is a romantic, nostalgic, sometimes moody old lady at heart who loves writing to Billie Holiday and christmas music with her cup of chai in the right mug of the day.  She loves cups of tea, paper, new notebooks, inky pens, rainy days, sparkly things, crackling fires, playing make believe, and wandering off to exotic, mystical, magical places (all in her mind, of course).

Pedro Mañas (Nov 17)nw.jpg

pedro mañas (We're Woofs, Collaborator)

Pedro Mañas (Madrid, 1981) holds a degree in English Philology from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, where he gained his first recognition as an author with the publication of one of his stories within an anthology of short narratives.

From that moment on, he has been awarded several national and international children’s literary prizes, and some of his narratives have been translated into French, German and Chinese, among other languages. He has ventured into children’s poetry too.

Recently one of his novels was honored with the Barco de Vapor Award, one of the most prestigious children’s literary prizes in the Spanish-speaking world. Both critics and readers have highlighted the originality and sense of humor in his works, together with his ability to find and recreate the magic side of daily life. Nowadays, Pedro combines his writing with literary meetings, lectures in schools and activities to promote reading.


Yuki Mori (BLTV / Collaborator & co-creator)

Yuki grew up moving from Japan to Minnesota to Ohio to Colorado and now California. She likes to collect nicknacks, and watch old Japanese kids shows for inspiration. Currently, she attends Art Center College of Design as an Illustration Student. Her work focuses on mixing mediums and exploring animation, illustration as well as paper crafts and set building. Her favorite foods include lasagna and cheese curds and in her free time she likes visiting the flea market and going karaoke, and watching movies. 

Ryan Hansen (Collaborator/consultation)


  SITI HARDIANI  - JR. CONCEPT ARTIST   We're Woofs!   (additional concepts for environments)    2018


We're Woofs! (additional concepts for environments)


  CHI NGO  - JR. CONCEPT ARTIST   Split Earth   (additional concepts for environment)    Pirateers!   (additional visual development)    We're Woofs!   (additional concepts for characters)    2018


Split Earth (additional concepts for environment)

Pirateers! (additional visual development)

We're Woofs! (additional concepts for characters)


  AMBER AKI HUANG  (VISUAL DEVELOPMENT)   Pirateers!   (additional visual development)    2018


Pirateers! (additional visual development)


  LEIA HAM  - JR. CONCEPT ARTIST   Split Earth   (additional concepts for environment)    2018


Split Earth (additional concepts for environment)





Pirateers! (Bible edits)

We're Woofs! (Bible edits)

Split Earth (Bible  edits)