Something different feels like a fresh breeze of air!

Finally, it’s out and published a small piece Katia worked for “Literature for Life”. The assignment consisted on illustrating a short fictional story from Vivian McInerny.

Katia: “ I really loved the dark and decadent tone of the piece and talked about a topic that is very relevant and close to my heart: Emotional Orphans and Unappealing Children. The text is been given in several highschool classes to read as a discussion topic and I am very happy and proud to be able to help on such a matter! As an artist, the ending really appealed to me, I wanted even if it was a hard reality to have a bit of “strange hope” kind of a feeling, so I chose neon-bright colors and I tried to give it a peaceful atmosphere for the privacy of the characters. I hope you like it!”

Please read here the story:


Thanks Project Anime LA 2019!!!


It’s time to look back on one of the exciting new conferences we attended this year: Project Anime: Los Angeles!! A biannual conference between Tokyo and Los Angeles, this was the first year that Project Anime provided two different tracks: one for conventions, and one for the anime industry!!!

With speakers from all parts of the industry - producers, directors, toy designers, etc. - we learned a lot about the differences in animation development and production in Japan, the challenges of adapting Japanese properties for global audiences, the power of merchandise, and more! What was really special was how easy it was to talk with everyone, even before the networking reception. Between the many inspirational panels, we made new connections, new friends, and even snagged some sweet Yokai merch for our shrine!!

Here’s hoping to see you next year Project Anime!!!

Yokai Watch Shrine!

Yokai Watch Shrine!

We've Moved Offices!

Creative Mastermind Katia and Writer Lydia hard at work!

Creative Mastermind Katia and Writer Lydia hard at work!

That’s right, we’ve officially moved ourselves to an office on Olive Avenue in Downtown Burbank!

After lots of back-and-forth hauling, IKEA scavenging, and working up a sweat putting desks together (phew!), we’re finally settled in! We can’t wait to make new memories here, especially more projects with our awesome collaborators! Here’s to a new chapter at Glow in the Dark.

Check out some photos of our new place below!

Our dining area and coffee station!

Our dining area and coffee station!

Henry and his little friends enjoying the view!

Henry and his little friends enjoying the view!

Jabba watching over the Library!

Jabba watching over the Library!

Comic Barcelona!


So excited about this 37 Comic Barcelona Festival! Not only because I love comics and it happens in my home city, but also because for the very first time ever I will be part of it! Super thrilled to be sharing some comic knowledge with the little ones at the Comic Kids section, but also to be part of the educational program with the “not so little anymore” future pool of artists! Here at Glow in the Dark, we are all about of giving back to the community, and what a better way for me than sharing some knowledge and tips in Barcelona!

Stay tuned for more news!


Here  Linkedin  Article.

Here Linkedin Article.

Really excited to share the news that Katia Grifols (our mastermind at the studio) is part of this amazing rooster of Spanish Artists united for a wonderful cause: the creation of  Diferente, a co-illustrated comic written by ILEsucero and sponsored by Dibujos Por Sonrisas.  The project it’s been crafted in a disinterested way, since the benefits of this comic will be used in the campaigns that the organization Dibujos Por Sonrisas carries out to dignify the lives of refugees.

Diferente will be presented during the next Comic Barcelona 2019, and besides acquiring it right there, you will soon have it in all the bookstores.

Diferente tells the story of Jana, a young woman whom one day discovers that the world around her changes in appearance at every moment. To visualize these changes in the reality of Jana, each page of  Diferente  - sometimes even each vignette - is drawn by a different artist. A   narrative tour de force that moves between fantasy and thriller showcasing the journey of self-discovery and self-improvement.

We really hope the best for such a wonderful project!!!

Wooohooo Split Earth!!!



Small Victories must be celebrated!!!! So here we are to congratulate Alberto Corral our Stupendous collaborator and our awesome Team for the great work on Split Earth!! We are very proud to announce we are in Round 02 for consideration at the Pitch festival in ATX!! Sooo… yay!!!!!

End of the year Highlights!


Lucky and thankful as always for being part of CTNX! We had a very cool panel about Creative Collaboration and we are very happy and thankful for the turn around! So glad to see familiar faces and new ones as well!

(Sorry we didn’t got more/better pictures this time!!)

Disney’s Industry Open House Night ’18

We never get tired of this building or this people!!! It’s always so inspiring!!! And what better than mingling with other creative heads in town! Was definitely a memorable night!


Super short- but very inspiring! - trip to London for secret reasons!!! So we took a chance to get very soaked on the very heart of it!!!!

And well… now the year is ending.. so we can’t wait what’s next for us in 2019!!!!

christmas house.jpg

Time to say goodbye!

Mandatory crew pic at the always awesome to visit Dreamworks Lot!!

Mandatory crew pic at the always awesome to visit Dreamworks Lot!!

Once again that sad time to say goodbye to our awesome intern Leslie Hernandez! We will miss you!

And if you are thinking on applying to our internship program… check what our past interns have to say!!

Meanwhile Henry, our designated office skeleton, will take that chair till we have a new intern!


Woodbury Animation Panel!

Once more we were very happy to be part of a great industry panel at the Woodbury University, courtesy of their wonderful Animation Club!

Along with Annushka Almendros (APM at WB/ GITD Co-creator), Benson Shum (Disney Animator/Children Book Artist), Melissa Maryn (Toy Designer at Moose), Ryan Hansen (Story board at Dreamworks TV), Heather Gregersen (Story Revisionist at Dreamworks TV), Maureen Macomber (Studio Manager at GITD) and Katia Grifols (Mastermind at GITD) we spent our evening talking about our personal career paths and answering questions of young artists that want to make it into the industry! Was a very refreshing and fun night!

Thank you Woodbury kids for having us!