Something different feels like a fresh breeze of air!

Finally, it’s out and published a small piece Katia worked for “Literature for Life”. The assignment consisted on illustrating a short fictional story from Vivian McInerny.

Katia: “ I really loved the dark and decadent tone of the piece and talked about a topic that is very relevant and close to my heart: Emotional Orphans and Unappealing Children. The text is been given in several highschool classes to read as a discussion topic and I am very happy and proud to be able to help on such a matter! As an artist, the ending really appealed to me, I wanted even if it was a hard reality to have a bit of “strange hope” kind of a feeling, so I chose neon-bright colors and I tried to give it a peaceful atmosphere for the privacy of the characters. I hope you like it!”

Please read here the story:


TAC and OTTAWA International Animation Film Festival! 2018

After a crazy inspiring week we can say we are back in Burbank with a LOT of awesome stories to tell from the OIAF !!! The convention was a success for us!! Not only we had a chance to represent Pirateers! It the TAC semifinals (that was an awesome experience already!), but we also took full advantage of all the incredible inspiring and informational lectures, events and a very well organized Business Fast Track. We saw a lot of international movies, made tones of talented friends and discover the heart of a very lively city that lives up to their high Canadien friendly standards.


The event had a lot of very fun and successful networking events like the Toon Boom sponsored Boat Cruise, or the BBQ-Pumpkin-Carving event in the beautiful park sponsored by Cartoon Network. Not to forget the great Nickelodeon Breakfast and the lunch and parties networking events. We really look forward to come back next year and see all the new friends we meet! Also stay tuned for mischievous outcomes from this event!

And what kind of Creative Studio we would be if we didn’t took the chance to explore and get inspired by this beautiful city?? So we did!!! And we discover tones of wonderful bookstores, secret coffees, amazing beautiful fall colors and very impressive Modern-gothic Architecture!

Ottawa is a Must See City!!

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