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IP’s Available

Pirateers! - Semi-Finalist at Pitch This! TAC OIAF.

A Swashbuckling Animated Adventure for Preschool (2-5) | animated series (24x11')

"Once the stars in the sky start to disappear, the Pirateer twins Marina and Dune team up with a mysterious boy calling himself the Prince of Stars to adventure across the Milky Sea and bring the stars back into the sky!"

Annushka Almendros | Katia Grifols | Maureen Macomber

The Stupendous Misfortunes of SPLIT EARTH - Finalist at ATX

An Unexpected Animated Series for 8-12 year old Adventurers | animated series, 3 Seasons ( 13x22’)

"After a sharp meteorite slices the world into two perfect halves, going home becomes the biggest challenge young fox-boy Ollievert could ever encounter… because home is on the other side."

Alberto Corral | Katia Grifols | Maureen Macomber


SCREAM'INN - Finalist at MIA Festival 2017

A whimsical, spooky animated series for Little Monsters aged 6-9 | animated series ( 22x22’)

"A trio of ghostlings strive to restore the abandoned old Scream'Inn to all its former B&B glory, proving once and for all that (despite rumors to the contrary), Ghosts make the best Hosts!"

Katia Grifols | Maureen Macomber

IPs in Development

We're Woofs

A "Paws-On" Caper for intrepid 8-12 year olds | animated series, 3 Seasons, (13x22’)

Pedro Mañas | Katia Grifols


A magical modern-day epic for 8-12 year old Fighters and Dreamers | animated series, 3 Seasons ( 13x22’)

Katia Grifols | Maureen Macomber | Samantha C. George | Melissa Martyn

G.O. Goats

Series of 7-9 minute galactic shorts

Annushka Almendros | Katia Grifols | Maureen Macomber

And more:

  • B.L.T.V (In Development) Yuki Mori | Katia Grifols


DeTecTives! | Katia Grifols

A Petit Noire Animated Adventure. Children's book currently available. (Preschool / Young Children)

"Do you ever wonder what happened to your missing socks? Why you have holes in your pockets, or where the remote control went? Then you will understand why Tania and her brilliant dog Troy became detectives!"

Profession: Prince | Katia Grifols

A Storybook Animated Adventure. Children's book currently available. (Preschool/ Young Children)

"Every day is an adventure when your job is to be a proper Prince! Join ol' knight Prince and his loyal unicorn Meteorite to solve their everyday fairy-tale duty like helping princesses in distress, singing with mermaids, bringing medicine to dragons... to return back home after a magical day to be ready for the next adventure!"

Chronicles of Griffin & Pterodactyl | Katia Grifols

Ongoing Web-Comic

Line Webtoon


"Myths and prehistory meet every week in the form of our characters Griffin and Pterodactyl, as they discuss creations, epic worries and daily catastrophes on Wednesdays to give us a Slice of Life in a series of webcomics."

"Cosas Que Pasan Cuando Llevas Vida de Artista" ("Stuff that Happens in an Artist's Life") | Katia Grifols

SOLD to Planeta Comics.

Autobiographical graphic novel started as web-comic on Instagram and various online platforms.

Here some reviews!

Comics Para Todos (Spanish)

Papel en Blanco (Spanish)

Planeta de comics (video, Spanish)

La casa de el (spanish)



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