Katia Grifols

About our Studio Mastermind...



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Born in Barcelona (Spain), Katia spent some of her childhood in Buenos Aires (Argentina) before returning to Spain after a few years and getting stuck in a small town called Arenys de Munt. She had tons of time to read, write, draw, and explore her imagination since there was really... not much to do! Growing up, she would return to Barcelona and start a career in comic books, where she not only sold an original idea to two publishers in different countries but was one of the youngest female screenwriter-colorists at the time. Following her manga dreams, she moved to Osaka, Japan, and tried to apply for art colleges, but Japanese turned to be way harder than she expected! So instead, Katia moved to sunny Los Angeles and started her degree in Entertainment Arts at the Art Center College of Design.

During this time, Katia was mentored by Lorelay Bove (Disney Feature Animation) from whom she learned a further passion for storytelling & color sensibility, bringing both skills to the next level..

She interned at Dreamworks for a while as a Character Designer for Consumer Products and expanded her knowledge in storytelling as applied to products and franchises. Katia has helped Mattel, Aerial Contrivance Workshop, and The Golden Apple Animated Series to develop pitches as a freelancer, and once she finished her degree at Art Center, she worked a bit at Disney Consumer Products on a new property where she learned the value of toys for storytelling. 

All this, only to realize that what she really wanted to do... was to tell new stories! Stories that could reach the moon! So after a year figuring out what exactly that meant and learning the business side of things, Katia created Glow in the Dark Concept Studio where she currently develops original content pitches for the Entertainment Industry.

Under the Glow in the Dark Concept Studio umbrella, Katia has also recently published her own autobiographical graphic novel in Spain, "Cosas que pasan cuando llevas vida de Artista", under the Publisher Editorial Planeta.