End of the year Highlights!


Lucky and thankful as always for being part of CTNX! We had a very cool panel about Creative Collaboration and we are very happy and thankful for the turn around! So glad to see familiar faces and new ones as well!

(Sorry we didn’t got more/better pictures this time!!)

Disney’s Industry Open House Night ’18

We never get tired of this building or this people!!! It’s always so inspiring!!! And what better than mingling with other creative heads in town! Was definitely a memorable night!


Super short- but very inspiring! - trip to London for secret reasons!!! So we took a chance to get very soaked on the very heart of it!!!!

And well… now the year is ending.. so we can’t wait what’s next for us in 2019!!!!

christmas house.jpg

Holiday fair!

We been having a blast on our Christmas fair experience! So far meet lots of awesome people  that really welcomed and enjoyed our work! Yay so we are very happy abut it!

We had an awesome time At the WDAS (Walt Disney Animation Studio) and were incredible thankful to be able to be part of their Annual Holiday fair! 

Here a sneak peak!

Here a sneak peak!


Really thanks to Wework La Brea for hosting us!

Here a sneak peak of our goods!

Here a sneak peak of our goods!

And we truly can't wait to our next upcoming event at the Cheremoya Elementary Craft Market and Holiday tree sale.

Hope to see you there!

Hope to see you there!