Hi there! We’re Glow in the Dark, a cozy lil animation concept studio right here in Burbank. We’re looking for freelance screenwriters for both 6-11 children's animation as well as for preschool programming. Our projects are adventurous, full of heart and mischief; you can find examples of our properties in our Intellectual Properties library. (We're specifically looking for writers that might suit our Pirateers preschool property, as well as Split Earth (6-11), among others.)

 Be advised that while we aren’t actively looking for scripts, our desire is to interview and create relationships with writers who suit our style and views, as well as our individual projects- that way, we can call on you as needed in the near future.

We’re open to new or collegiate screenwriters as well as working professionals - what we’re looking for is a sense of fun, new ideas and enthusiasm about your projects (and ours!), packaged in a bundle with great writing skills for scripted animation.

The right candidates will be open to feedback and constructive criticism, always meet their deadlines, and be willing to go the extra mile to make our projects stand out. We look forward to meeting just the right person (or people) for the job!

Please submit sample scripts along with your resume and website, if available. Be advised that rather than as ‘catch-all’, we’re looking for writers who know and suit their work to an age range/genre- if you’re applying for preschool, use age appropriate samples, and vice versa. If you’re familiar with both, feel free to submit samples for both, but specify in your email what you’re aiming for either way.

While we prefer to be able to meet in-house at our studio in Burbank as needed, we also have quite a lot of experience working with others remotely and are happy to meet via phone or video call if the location isn't convenient. We pride ourselves on working with creators and production companies on a global level and, being an international team ourselves, we embrace a wide range of viewpoints and experiences, and the fresh perspective they bring to our creative projects.


We hope to hear from you soon!




If your samples are from your original IPs, please note this in your email- we may need to have you fill out a idea submission agreement before we can actually read them, as we are a studio whose business is based around our own original IP content. We want to protect them as well as your personal IPs.


Submit your application and materials to